Cabinet under mount coffee k-cup holder

Not much it, but made me realise how make my cuts for a slat wall. Cut from backside to the front(face.) inside full cut operations were used on the rectangles followed by path operation with less depth. Turn it over and you have a 1/8” wide lip if using a 1/4” bit for the follow path operation. If the lip needs to be wider, use a pocket operation to the width and depth(lip thickness) needed.


I want one! Great work!

Thank you

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Very slick!!! I like how efficient you design is with the plywood

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Here is the file if anyone is interested. Made from 1/2 inch birch. You will have to trim down a couple of mm of ply at the opening of each slot, simple. Should have extended the height of each rectangle by 2mm…
The size is 11"x11"
Also will have to switch to 1/8th bit for drill holes operation or just drill bit hand


Very nice. Thanks for uploading the cut file.


Just edited nc file upload on previous post. Now has the drill operation.