RV Coffee Station and Storage Cabinet

My wife and I spend a lot of time in our small motorhome, and we both are seriously addicted to our morning coffee… I am the brewmaster, and due to storage and counter space limitations, the coffeemaker needs to be unpacked and packed after every use, something of a PITA. So this was the first project I designed to produce on the Maslow…


Although I set up files to cut all the parts on the Maslow, The shelves (except the top) and all the trim were done on the table saw. After my experience with the Paulk workbench, it was nice to work on something a little smaller. Also, since making a new sled that brought my Benchmark results up a bit, this project was a good test for the Maslow’s precision.

Overall, the machine worked really well. The parts were square, and the rabbets and dados all lined up perfectly, and cut to the correct depth. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the widths quite right, so I had to widen the dados about 1/16”… I used 1/2” Baltic birch, and set the widths to .47… needs to be more like .56”, at least with the Easel software I use. The fun part was setting up the pocket for the coffee maker (1/2 hour in Easel), and it cut flawlessly in about 1 1/4 hours.

The shelves are for CD’s and maps, and the large space on the bottom is for a 2000w inverter, so coffee can be made by the sun (via solar panels and batteries)!

Working on staining and finishing it now, and we hit the road on Friday…


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