CAD in browsers

Following the conversation in the ‘What did you cut today category’ about CAD in browser, and making some research to try to understand the technical principles behind MaslowCreate and JSxCAD, it looks like this topic make great achievements since 3/2 years!
At the time, I compiled and installed OpenCascade on a server, in order generate models from parametric code I made, transform it to STL, and interactively show it in the client browser as a function of the user choice of parameters. Yesterday, I find out the following exist, and this is quite exactly what I wanted to obtain as a result: Bottle Example | OpenCascade.js , made possible by https://ocjs: .
On top of that are already existing more user-friendly stuff, like:
Cascade Studio
Did somebody already use these, or other, in order to design stuff ?
Maybe these projects can be a source of inspiration or help for MaslowCreate development, even if not based on the same modeling kernel.

Woah, if we knew about that we might have used it :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re using the same workflow emscripten into web assembly. This is super super impressive.

We looking into doing something similar a year back or so which was before this existed I guess. I’m going to keep an eye on this. It seems spectacular. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

Another way of doing parametric cad is OpenScad, but not browserbased.
But you probably know.



I’m pretty happy with onshape for browser based cad, I haven’t used the kiri:moto plugin for the CAM step much, but I’ve heard good reports about it.

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I heard about both, and I think Maslow CAD was available through onshape at the time I built mine. Some feature is probably missing for Bar to develop another tool. For Kiri:moto, I never tried, but I think there is a post on the forum entitled ‘giving kiri:moto a second chance’, not sounds so good :wink: