Giving Kiri:Moto a second chance

A couple of years ago I gave Kiri:Moto a try. Somehow I did not fall in love with it. So I’ve used Fusion 360 for complex models and LaserWeb for 2.5D milling.

Last week I read a post @ and gave Kiri a second chance. What I like about it:

  • STL files can be imported
  • Tabs can easily be placed
  • A small set of milling operations is available (really straightforward)
  • You can also generate dogbones :upside_down_face:

And the best thing: Steward from is very responsive and fixes bugs instantly. :sunglasses:


It’s great to see Kiri:Moto continuing to exist as another option. I played with it a bit when it first started to support CNC stuff, but I haven’t looked at it recently. I should give it another go.