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Calibrating tool for measurements from home and not from edges


the measuring from the edges of the workings space during the calibrating process does not work for me because the edges of my board are not that accurate. Rather I would like to measure from home spot to a driven target spot and measure and work with differences where it should be. F.i. “go 500 mm to the right” but actual measurement is 502 mm. Sounds more logical for me than to measue distances from board edges. Is there a way in makerverse to calibrate that way?

Thank you

I had a similar concern, so I drew nice crisp edge lines inset around the workpiece on the sides I was concerned about and measured from those knowing the distance from the center how far the line was from the defined machine edge. It took a little math because the board was supposed to be x and the line was at x - offset, so when I measured it was measurement + offset for the input number. Not ideal, but worked for operating the program. If the board is just larger than the work area, it is even easier.

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