(Edge) Calibration over and over without progress


I am trying to get my setup calibrated with Makerverse and Due. I’ve probably done a dozen or more edge calibrations but can’t get better than 16.7mm accuracy. Sometimes it even gets worse after calibration. Tells me, my setup is skewed by 8mm clockwise, and that my stock is 1.5xxx mm to the left from the center of the workspace.

If repeated calibration will eventually help me, I will continue to do so, but at the moment the accuracy did get a bit worse (16.8 last one).

If there are other things I should do, I would appreciate a hint (or two) :slight_smile:

Thank you.


PS: In case it helps: My frame is the screwed together kind, and when I lower the chains after the chain length check of the calibration process, the pin goes straight down.

Seeing the vast amount of answers, let me rephrase my question:

What should be made absolutely certain, to have a chance of attaining accurate calibration? Should the top beam 100% parallel to the ground? Should the measurements be within a millimetre exact? What is the most important thing, or two, to make sure for a quality outcome?



This is the most important thing. The two measurements which REALLY matter are the distance between the motors and the size of the ring.

As I have the default sled from MakerMade I am half way perfect :slight_smile:

I will remeasure the distance between the center of the sprockets.

Thank you for clarifying this for me. I will report back :+1:


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