Calibration - extend chain does not feed enough chain

hi there …
upgraded my frame with a 3660mm top bar, longer chains (4200mm) etc. and redoing calibration.
When it comes to extending chains to attach the sled, the chain feed is short by around 300mm on both ends/sides…
Any idea whats wrong?

in the settings, there is a place to set the chain length, it defaults to 1651mm
(1650 on older versions), set it to a multiple of 6.35mm and it will feed out
that far.

personally, I would set it so that it feeds out enough to put the sled at about
the middle of the workpiece (remember, the amount of chain to feed out does not
include the ring/linkage rotation radius)

don’t forget to mark the links that end up at 12 o’clock after they are fed out.

David Lang

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thanks David ! will give it a try.

btw. do you know the rotational radius of the metal Maslow linkage kit?

no, start with the length of the parallel arms, and then you need to add
whatever the length is from the center of the crossbar to the middle of the link
that you put on the 12 o’clock pin when you start feeding out the chain (I don’t
know exactly how the chain attaches to the linkage, so I can’t say what that
would be)

David Lang