Has anyone extend their chain? How did you measure new length?

It might be premature optimization, but I am thinking to make new maslow with 12ft beam, which requires a longer chain. I am just wondering what procedure others have used to determine how long to make new chain?

I used the good old Pythagorean theorem to determine the minimum chain length from the motor mount to the opposite corner. Then I made sure to have enough chain to have several inches left over. I ended up adding about a foot to either chain (same number of links). I haven’t setup the Maslow yet (waiting on triangulation kit) but I think there is a chain length calibration setup.

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pathagrium’s therom :slight_smile:

it happens to work out that you need a 11’ chain with a 10’ top beam, and going
to a 12’ top beam means you need about an extra foot, so a 12’ chain should

I haven’t gotten there yet, but in the calibration step where you put the chain between the 2 motors does it assume the stock length of chain, or is this configurable?

It ignores the chain length, the user chooses how far to extend the chain and the software keeps track of how much has been reeled out. I’m not sure I’ve seen that chain length setting used in the software.

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Note that during the “extend chains” step you will probably need to use the “move to center” button after extending the chins for them to be long enough to reach your sled

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