Calibration in GC - bug setting gear vertical?

Hey all,

I mounted my new router to my sled, and ran through the entire native (4 cuts) calibration routine from the beginning.

I think I ran into an odd bug when setting the LEFT motor to vertical.

This is during the second time you set them vertical. That is, after you set them vertical, measure between motors, pull tight…and then you have to set them vertical again to put the two chains on to spool out the chain to attach to the sled. It’s that “set them back to vertical again” step that seem to have a bug.

You have 4 pairs of buttons: (from my memory, so forgive if not exactly correct)
|360* CW | 5* CW | 1CW | 0.1 CW |
|360* CCW | 5* CCW | 1CCW | 0.1CCW |

For whatever reaons, but the 0.1CW and 0.1CCW seem to only move the gear one direction. From memory, I seem to recall that they both move the gear CW. So you want to jog back CCW but all you end up doing is going more and more CW.
The 5* and 1* seem to work in both directions, but the 0.1* seems to only go CW (or both go CCW, i can’t recall now).

Am I imaging this, or is there a missing minus sign somewhere in the calibration routine?
(I am not a coder, so have no idea where to even look).


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I had seen that bug too. I do believe it starts after using the ‘Automatic’ button. I’d have to search some and there is a note about some similar function not working correctly.

Try just moving the gears to vertical with the controls and skip the automatic and see if it works properly

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Interesting…I haven’t observed that behavior but I haven’t looked closely there.

Let me know if you can confirm that it is caused by using the “Automatic” button

I may have some time Sunday. I want to get the Z-Axis set up installed (the 3D printed one) so that may be a good time to check.
I can mark my chains and then try it out.

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I checked the code and from what I can tell it looks correct.

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