Initial calibration issues

Started calibration 4 months ago and then school started and put it down until yesterday. I am stuck at the same spot. Measuring chain length, left chain extends CCW and once stopped, I assume that I attach right end of chain to sled. Right motor also turns CCW (is it upside down?) because then feed extends towards sled.
Selecting gear rotation of top or bottom should make gears rotate in opposite directions?
When I attach both chains to sled, and click " move to center," it is off considerably, 24" maybe. Laptop with GC and Maslow are at school so I don’t have specific measurements right now, but want to return tomorrow with fresh insight and tools to move forward. Thanks and no judgement, right?

pictures always helps

I’ve always skipped over the chain measurement feature and manually entered it. Never had any accuracy issues. May save some frustration!

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When choosing “top” feed, both gears turn from right to left, CCW.

I just did a number of calibrations attempts two days ago. In the previous step the left chain is connected to the right motor and pulled tight and the distance of the motors is measured.
These are the things that happen/need to happen in the next calibration step:

  1. remove left chain from right motor without changing position on left motor (this could be improved by relaxing the chain tension and I put a request in for that #787) in github.
  2. press “adjust left chain” => chain retracts (if you had just performed the chain length measurement). This means the motor turns CCW with the top configuration.
  3. fasten right chain on right motor as shown in picture
  4. press “adjust right chain” => chain feeds out. This means the motor also turns CCW with the top configuration.
  5. connect your sled. There should be enough chain length to do so.
  6. press “Move to center” => chains are being retracted on both sides (left one CCW, then right one CW) and the sled moves to center
  7. press “Next” and you get forwarded to the next calibration step

Let me know if that still doesn’t work.