Calibration process problem

Hello I’m new to this world and just got my @EastBaySource maslow today and i’ts been kiling me, can’t manage to calibrate it. any tips or advices ? I get this message ‘‘the machine was not able to be calibrated’’ and the cut pattern horizontal is really weird I’ll attach some photos

thanks for the help in advance.


javier vallejo

Hi Javier

Your settings are a bit off
It should be close to the following values

Distance between motors: 3008mm
Vertical offset: 300mm
Kinematics :white_check_mark:
Chain feed :white_check_mark:
Rotational radius: 140mm

Please let us know if it helps

I’ll measure them with a tape and got something like what you told me @EastBaySource everytime I do the ‘‘pull the chain’’ I get 2.40 something on the reading. changed it manually but the vertical offset I just Re-made it and it’s 450mm. don’t know if tha’s any problem.

Vertical offset is not a critical measure for calibration, it just moves the home position up/down.
Make sure your rotational radius is 140mm

Great, thanks for the help it just worked out great. I’m about to cut the final sled.

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