Calibration Spoil Media

I lost my Holey Triangulation Calibration fooling around with WebControl for Windows. Unless there is a simple way to recapture my previous calibration I need to re-calibrate using the webcontrol interface. My spoil board is spoiled and I searched the forums for a method that uses inexpensive medias instead of wood but could not find any recommendations. Suggestions?

rigid foam is ~$7 sheet at lowes

David Lang

I know this is not a common problem but I live nowhere near a Lowes or HD. Anyone ever use cardboard?

that will work, you just need to hold it in place in a way that the sled doesn’t
get caught by your fasteners.

David Lang

If you still have the measurements written down somewhere you can re-enter them and recalculate.

And what did you do to make you lose calibration?

I ran the executable file, and flashed the 1.27 firmware and the home location changed. I tried centering and it moved to a position that is definitely not the center of my machine.

Were you coming from a previous installation of webcontrol or groundcontrol?

Previously I was using the Holey Triangular Calibration branch of ground control. It is likely a user error issue but thanks for looking into this.

Did you import groundcontrol.ini file when you first started webcontrol?

I’m asking these questions for two reasons… first to maybe help you avoid recalibrating, and second, to see if there are any issues I need to address.

Thank you! When I searched my ground control directory for “*.ini” it did not return a file with the name “groundcontrol.ini”. I just assumed that file was not available in the branch of groundcontrol I was using.
Thanks again

The file is going to be found in your home directory… c:\users\your_name

So what happened is that once you selected the port, it connected to the Arduino and synced the settings from the default file and that changes the calibration. Once you find the groundcontrol.ini file, just go to Actions->import groundcontrol.ini and it should import and then sync with the Arduino. If all goes well, you should be back to calibration.

That’s great, I will never be reluctant to ask a question in the forums again. Thanks for the safe space.

Everyone here tries to be helpful. Let us know how it goes and if the calibration restores. I’m very interested in making sure the ground control.ini import works correctly.