Calibration Shame

I did something wrong.
Instructions were confusing, I would someone’s trouble only to fine out they were using Apple, I’m win10.
I’m also using Webcontrol.
Breadcrumbs left for me don’t seem to match what I got on the screen.
My lines aren’t straight.
Just sayin’. I’ll get it eventually.

Are you running triangular calibration or holey calibration?

What were the measurements you entered?

How many iterations of calibration did you do? (normally, it takes more than one calibration to get things working well… each calibration further increases the machine’s accuracy… to a point of diminishing returns).

I did triangular, 3 each, at least.

I decided to move on, bad decision.

I’m going to start over, may I’ll try holey.

My ham radio is easier.



I would try holey calibration, but I’m wondering if you might have been measuring something wrong and so bad data got into the calculations. I’d think after three rounds of triangular calibration, you’d have way better results. It looks like you did it right and recut the pattern each time (some people make the mistake of not recutting the pattern).

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of webcontrol (v.932)… you may have to manually download it.

If you upgrade to holey calibration firmware and top right of screen says fake servo in red, click it to get out of fake servo mode.