Switching back/forth between WC/GC

So apparently this isn’t seamless bc when I switched from WC to GC and back to WC it now looks like I need to recalibrate the whole dammed thing.

Is calibration and sled position not stored on Arduino?

Is there a correct procedure?

as far as I know, it works from GC->WC, but not the other way since WC is the path forward and GC is the legacy software.

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Both groundcontrol and webcontrol store a set of calibration values and so does the controller. When either program connects to the controller, it requests that the controller report its settings. The programs then compare the reported setting values to what it has and sends updates to the controller if there are differences. With that said, if you calibrate under webcontrol and then load ground control, ground control will change the controller values to whatever ground control has as the calibration values. If you calibrated under ground control and then imported groundcontrol.ini into webcontrol, then both webcontrol and groundcontrol calibration values will be in sync and therefore you can easily switch back and forth. Ground control does not have the ability to import webcontrol values, but you can manually go in and update the settings in ground control so it matches the settings in webcontrol so both are in sync.

HOWEVER, if you updated to holey calibration firmware, you cannot go back to stock ground control because ground control does not support holey calibration.


That’s a lot to take in but I think I understand. Thank you.

Thank you, this passage is very informative. t