Calibration testing without wasting plywood

I’m working on some modifications to increase the lower quadrants accuracy (more on this later). Instead of wasting plywood for each test cut, I made this “router bit” pen that replaces the router bit and draws lines instead of cutting. I know there are other pen mods to replace the router but I wanted the weight to be the same as when I’m actually cutting. I guess I have to say this; don’t power the router when using this pen!
Here is the link to the STL files.


I agree too that calibration checks need the exact sled weight. Otherwise lower sag and stretch will raise everything up and away from the lower corners.

Thanks for sharing idea and model. :+1:

How did you get a shorter pen ink tube? cut it? messy?

I just cut it with scissors and there was not a mess, I expected one but none…yet…