Pen attachment for 1/2" spindle

So, there have been some great posts regarding making a pen attachment for the Maslow. I had planned on making this one:How I made a sharpie pen tracer quick relase to fit into ridgid router
Today I came across this:

Not sure it is worth the money, but certainly interesting


The replacement pens are not terribly expensive, so it may be worth it after all.

$12 each for the replacement pens (I wonder if a regular sharpie would fit??)

they also have various other drag knifes available (glass, vinyl, etc)

I believe it’s $12 for 4 pens. I’ll look again.


Yup, 4 pens. The insert comes with 4 pens too. Not horrible actually. I wonder if the pens could be sourced elsewhere or if a sharpie mini would work?

They do look like sharpies

How about free -

This is a picture from the sharing area of the community garden area of the wiki ( it’s not clickable )

This is designed to use the free pencils at Ikea - you will need a 3D printer. If people want them and don’t have access to a printer I can make them available. In fact I am working towards a kit including a stopper for the Arduino plug and the pencil bit. (coming soon)


Thank you


can you provide an image of that in operation? Video too would be even better

Nope - It was requested buy another user here and I kicked it out for them. I have no need. I have another file for a pencil cap that allows me to use a hole in my sled and 2 rubber bands for this purpose. The pencil is offset by the distance from the router bit and the hole, but it allows me to leave the router attached. When I get a chance I’ll print one and try it.

Thank you

It’s for a half inch collet. I believe we are using 1/4.

the r2200 router is a 1/2" router

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My router has both 1/2 and 1/4

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Yes, not a solution for everyone.

That said, I think I am going to invest (mainly because I feel like it will take me a long time to get around to a DIY solution). Especially given their:
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance to test it.


They are Sharpies. Sharpie mini to be exact.


How big are the tips?

they are the same as the regular fine point sharpie markers. the OAL with the marker installed is 3-5/8"

I guess one could get replacements almost anywhere. Might be worth getting one for myself.

Have you chucked it up yet to see how it fits?

not as yet. The kids are still running me ragged and the time I had blocked out while they had a school function got pre-empted by a bad fever over the past couple days. With any luck I’ll have a chance to play with it in a couple weeks after my wife gets back. But I will try to chuck it sooner.


So, I had a couple minutes just now to run out and try the pen in the Ridgid router and… no go. I could only get it to go about 1/8" into the collet, and that with some force.

I am going to contact the company and see what they can do about it. I am really hopeful that this is a fluke, bc it seems like such an elegant solution, if a bit expensive.

I’ll report back when I hear from them, but for now I would hold onto your $40



This would be a frown alone but I have to have 20 characters to be able to post.

Bummer :frowning: