Calibration update

My Maslow was cutting out really good, then I turned my back and was letting it do its thing, then I heard the router whine. The up top chain guide slacked and chain wrapped the motor. Part was lost. I went with a 36inch bungee up top. Works great so far. I recalibrated the machine. Now I am get square cuts 1/4 inch off on one side.

Anyway to recalibrate with out going through the chain measuring setup?


You can avoid most of the calibration process by doing Actions -> Set Chain Lengths Automatic…but it sounds a little bit like that is what you are trying to avoid?

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In a way I would like to avoid a repeat chain length calibration, but I do see the necessity in this process. My thought is that there might be a way to fine tune the calibration after the initial calibration. This maybe more of suggestion if it doesn’t already exist.

Example: I work with some really precise scales at my job. I can do 2 different kinds of calibration. The first one is lengthy, you have to balance the scale on the counter that you will be using it on. Now if no one moves the scale you simply re zero the scale between products.
With that said, would it be possible to have MaslowCNC cut several sample squares, then you could take a caliper (I say caliper if you want the most accurate, but you could use a standard tape measure too or both) and input those values for side A, B, C, D of the square(s)…maybe even cut several squares at various points around the work surface. Then the software (ground control) could actually make the adjustments the current calibration to yield a more accurate cut?

we are continually looking for ways to refine the calibration and make it more
accurate. Right now, we only have one calibration, but if you run it a second
time, you sometimes get slightly better results.

One thing that hasn’t made it into the official calibration process is measuring
the distance between the motors manually as well as with the chain to detect how
much ‘slop’ there is in the chain and enter a chain error value.

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Is this something that would be a good suggestion? If so where do I submit it too?

It almost always takes more than just suggesting it, you need to show the math
that makes it work, and why you think it will be more accurate than the current

These forums are the place to talk about it, the github repository is where you
can submit code.

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That’s probably more math than I have done in the last 10years. Wish I knew how to do it though.

It’s an excellent suggestion…we actually added that in version 1.11 :wink:

You can access it by clicking Actions → Advanced → Cut Test Pattern Triangular

I haven’t downloaded that yet, but I will today!

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