Trimming the machine


Quick question:
My maslow it’s pretty good with accuracy on the y axis, but on the x axis it’s less accurate, i.e. off by about +2 mm. It’s there any way to just trim it by changing a single parameter?

I (and everyone else) wish it was so easy. Unfortunately, because of the mechanics of the Maslow (chains are at various angles at various positions) it’s not so simple. There’s a fair number of parameters that are involved in calibration and there’s no one simple tweak for x-axis that doesn’t also affect y-axis.


One interesting tool is in Ground Control. Go to Actions>Advanced>Simulation. Here you can tweak values to show how the distortion will manifest.

But, like madgrizzle said, its not so easy. Check out the “list of sources of error” post.

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I would really enjoy watching a video explaining the logic/math behind the calibration system or even a written explanation. That way I might better understand what is going on, instead of just walking through the motions.



I think this wiki page is the best I can do at the moment :slight_smile:

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it boils down to ‘make cuts in places where the different errors maximize
themselves, and then try to figure out corrections to minimize the errors’

right now, the holey calibration method is superior to the default one, but work
on merging it has stalled (and there still hasn’t been a release of what has
been merged since January) so you have to download the GC and firmware images
from the holey triangular calibration topic

David Lang


@dlang out of curiosity what is needed to get it merged?

Yeah, I was thinking about this today. We might as well merge it.
@JWoody18 take a look at the holey triagular calibration topic…this post is one reason.

Post 375 through 385 is a discussion that describes where things stand.