Cambam to Ground Control post Settings

I am getting a line to no where when I go from Cambam to Ground Control.

Starts at home and wanders 100’s of feet up.

Any one have a post/ setting that work?


Try deleting the profile and rebuilding then test it in CAMotics.

The line that goes to nowhere is possibly from a gcode radius command. search your gcode for an “R” command (as in Rxx.xxxx where the x’s are numbers). We have a fix submitted in firmware 1.28, though it isn’t shipping from makermade that will let the R commands work, but if you use a maslow postprocessor, it will strip out the R’s and use I/J instead. Check that. if your gcode generator is making R’s, then you can upgrade your firmware.

Please upload the gcode and drawing. I am using CamBam too from time to time and can generate gcode from it for comparing.