Circle problems in Ground Control

I just built my temporary frame and I’m trying to generate the Gcodes for the final frame. I’m using CamBam and I’m using the Fanuc post and everything seems to look OK except the sled and the center hole on Ground Control. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Those sure don’t look round! I haven’t played with cambam in a while, would you be willing to share the Gcode file so I can try to track down what’s happening?

The easiest and quickest solution is probably to try a different post processor in cambam. That one may just be doing something funky to the file, and I bet there is another one which will work out of the box.

Even if you do find a different one I’d still love to have a go at finding out what’s going on there so I can fix it

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What does the sled look like if you do it by itself?

Is that the old free version of CamBam, or the current pay version. 10bulls has done a lot of work between the two.

Wonder if it’s an arc problem with the post-procedure. Does an old Fanuc do arcs?

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Hi Bar,

It won’t let me attach file because I’m a new user.

It is the purchased version, but I am very new to it so I’m sure it me.

I think it was my conversion from SVG to DXF. I used a later DXF format 2007 and it seemed to be fine.


Fantastic! Thanks for following up so I know what the issue was :grinning:

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