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Can we edit the 'About Software' topic?

The current page About the Software category has
’Issues pertaining to the software supporting Maslow should be posted here’.
The goal of adding the Troubleshooting category was to bundle issues that can not be right away linked to Hardware, Software or Firmware. We usually find out later, so I would suggest to remove the line.
Creative suggestions on what to add instead are welcome.

Edit 1: The About the Hardware category has the line ‘Firmware and Ground Control issues should be posted over in Software Issues’ that could use an edit as well.
Edit 2: I suggest to add 2 links to the start of the links, 1 to the Troubleshooting in the Forum and 1 to the /wiki/Troubleshooting-Guide
Kind regards, Gero

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I think those changes sound excellent!

Can we get rid of the “Technical Details” category then and move it’s contents into either hardware or software? It seems like Technical Details is now overlapping with hardware and software.

The technical-details has it’s role I think. “I am stuck” posts find it’s way in there, but this is not encouraged buy the ‘About’ topic and the ‘move topic admin right’ could be executed here. Adding the 2 links to Forum and Git troubleshooting could help. Going through a couple of posts there, it could use a rename as ‘creative variations’ or something similar, as it has wonderful posts of frame, z-axis, electronics covers and other inspiring suggestions and builds. I would have expected more in the line of ‘how big is the Maslow, what is the sled diameter’ and so on.