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Stuck in getting your Maslow up and running? We will get you there!
Post here, what ever it is that prevents you from cutting awesome things.
Don’t worry about “silly” questions. They do not exist!
Feel free to post and ask anything that you are stuck at.

Want to get help fast ? The following information is essential for us to provide “Speed Support”:

  • Your Operating System with version (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Firmware and GroundControl version number you are using
  • Temporary frame / sled or final build
  • Z-Motor installed or manual Z adjustment
  • Chain mount system to the sled (Original brackets or a Triangular Kit)
    (You might be asked to upload a copy of groundcontrol.ini from your users folder or log.txt from the GroundControl folder. It’s good to know where they are located.)

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