Troubleshooting Category (vote closed)

The Category -> Software <- has the ‘About’ pinned at the bottom, but I could find it and it says:
"Issues pertaining to the software supporting Maslow should be posted here. Ground Control and the Maslow Firmware are discussed here."
I think this is to general, as it goes from hardware problems to feature requests. For the second part it can remain, but I vote to have troubleshooting separate. This would help users to find easier if someone else had that same issue before. I think we even have a ‘solved’ tag in discourse, but it seems not activated.
We keep getting the same posts, like “My car won’t start” without the brand, model and year, so keep asking the same questions, just to be able to dial in.

A pinned (preferably at the top) topic like “How to get help fast” suggesting to provide following information:

  • Operating system
  • Firmware version number (please do not say “I have the latest” , the version no. is better)
  • GroundControl version number (please do not say “I have the latest” , the version no. is better)
  • Chain mount system (brackets, triangular kit version, ring kit?)

could enable us to provide a better and faster support.

Please vote and comment

  • Can a separate ‘Troubleshoot Category’ improve support?
  • It is good as it is!

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The topic is created, so I closed this vote. 46 views in 5 days and 0 comments (except 1 PM). 86% approval.
Would like to keep this topic active for a couple of days to receive some feedback on moving posts.
I have moved I have to adjust Z-Axis from the Software Category to Troubleshooting and would like to know if that was OK. I hope @Axel will forgive me for moving.