Ground Control does not start - using Windows10 64bit

  1. Loaded Arduino software - works
  2. Uploaded Firmware to Arduino - good
  3. Closed Arduino IDE
  4. Loaded Ground Control for Windows10
  5. Ground Control would not start, told me to update graphics drivers. Says up to date.
    After research I decided my laptop cannot handle the graphics.
  6. Day 2 Redo steps 1-4 with new computer.
  7. this time no graphics problem, but Ground control doesn’t start.
  8. …research…I think I must need Python, Python works but, nothing but syntax erros… I guess I don’t know how to use Python.
  9. Go to YouTube to learn how to use Python… too much.
  10. Day 3 Now I need some kind of help.

You are getting the GroundControl software for windows 10 here?

You absolutely shouldn’t have to learn to use Python…but we all appreciate that you put in the effort :grinning:

Web control (Which is an alternative to Ground Control) could be an option. You can download it here:

I recommend trying the file first.

I got a ground control, it’s white background instead of black.
Don’t think I’m communicating with the Arduino yet.
I get “Alarm: Connection failed or invalid firmware”

I’m talking about WebControl

one more thing, I never see a file transfer to the Arduino when I do an update.

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I think that sounds like the issue to solve. Can you post a screenshot of the Arduino program right after you upload the firmware?

If you are using webcontrol, it will flash the arduino for you, no need to use
the arduino program.

David Lang

Response to Bar

It looks to me like the correct COM port might not be selected in the Arduino program. I would make sure Ground Control is closed when uploading the firmware and then double check that the correct COM port is selected in the Arduino IDE

I uninstalled Arduino and reinstalled and it looks to me that that part works.

I did check the com port, it looks good too.

Ground control still doesn’t work.

Lynn Burrell

One other thing, I just remembered.
I used [Windows Installer, for Windows XP and up.
I might have gone where I can’t go.

Lynn Burrell

Still trying to get this thing to work.
I saved to downloads and ran it from there.
Now it’s connected to Com3, now it says invalid firmware.
Thank you all for your help.

webcontrol lets you load the firmware on the ardino.

David Lang

webcontrol let me update my firm ware.
Is there a place to learn how to use webcontrol

Having ground control issues. Windows 10 opengl 1.0