Having trouble with Arduino and GC

I am trying to download the software for the Arduino and ground control. I am running windows 8.1. I can get to the sketch for the Arduino, but when I select open, it comes up with a library. I have no Idea where ground control went on my computer. Should it bring up an icon?



I’m not sure I fully understand the question. The issue is that you are having trouble starting Ground Control?

I missed a step. I did not upload the Maslow firm ware.


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you need to find the .ino file in the arduino firmware… Download firmware from here
then follow the instructions here.

I installed everything. Now how do get to ground control. Should there be an icon?

you look for the groundcontrol.exe file in the groundcontrol folder and make a shortcut to it if you want an icon. It doesn’t install. you simply click on the file.

My virus program is not allowing Ground control to open. It says it is a virus. Thanks for putting up with me.

Is there any way to manually tag it as not a virus? As mentioned in the other thread Web Control is a great alternative