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Can't update Webcontrol from 0.932 to 0.94

I’m having an issue with WebControl running on RPi (the RPI that MetalMaslow sells preconfigured).

The UI is alerting in the Help menu to Update the software to 0.94. My understanding is that 0.94 is needed to provide an orderly transition to the new Github repo, so I’d like to get it installed. However, every time I try installing (by clicking Update in Update Manager), the process eventually ends in an unresponsive Webcontrol. I have to power cycle to get it back alive, but the update to 0.94 wasn’t successful. I’ve tried looking at logs but haven’t found anything to give me a hint.

Any suggestions what I might do to get 0.94 installed properlly?


I think I know what it is. See, when webcontrol updates, it runs a script, shuts itself off, replaces the files, and the script then restarts it. If webcontrol is running as a service that is set to always restart itself, when the upgrade script tries to kill it, it automatically restarts and it won’t allow the system to overwrite files it is using.

you have 3 options:

  1. You will need to manually stop the service, manually start webcontrol, run the installation, then manually enable the service again.

  2. edit the .service file in /etc/systemctl/system/ that has to do with maslow or webcontrol and change the restart line to no.

  3. manually stop webcontrol, delete the directory it is in and wget the new file and decompress it and restart.

I’m short on time so I can’t detail it at the moment. Depending on your comfort level with raspian linux, you maybe can do it in a few minutes. I believe I have put instructions on this forum on how to do it. Check the forum wiki for installing webcontrol. there should be details in one of the threads there about this very thing when we discussed earlier this year. In a pinch, search the forum for “webcontrol service.” I’ll check back on you later when I have a few more minutes and can help with the avenue you have selected.

I’m not sure about this, but could it be that it has to do with the shift from @madgrizzle git to a new location?

Gero - the update to 0.94 is needed to make that transition to the new Git repo. I’ll be testing the theory that it is related to the auto-restart when I can connect my RPI to a monitor and keyboard.

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can you ssh into your rpi? That, to me is the easiest way to get at it.

I hadn’t considered that but will give it a try first. Thanks for the suggestions.

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@Orob - thanks for the help. I made the mistake when I initially set it up that I didn’t enable SSH or VNC. I was able to upgrade properly after stopping the service and running webcontrol manually, then set up the service again. And now VNC is running so I’ll never need to hook it up to a monitor again.


quick question:
if a person takes option 3, will they have to re-setup and recalibrate the whole setup?


no. the calibration information is stored on the arduino and other setup flags along with the uploaded gcode files are stored in a .WebControl folder in the user home folder, not in the program folders .