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Cant upload projects

I have my Maslow setup and calibrated and now I can not for the life of figure out how to upload a design to the ground control to cut it out. Is there another thing i need to download to create projects?

Thanks in advance for any help!


What did you use to make the gcode? There should be an open or upload menu option fira.gcide or .nc file. The ground control software needs numerical instructions. There is info in the wiki section in the manual under software. There are so many options that it is best to point you to it rather than copy it. If you search maslow manual on this site you can start there. Reach back with additional questions if this response isn’t what you need.

Sorry if this seems dumb, but do I have to download some other software in order to draw projects, I can’t even get to the part that gives me the option to make a gcode. I tried easel but it gets stuck at the step that askes me to put in my machine. It’s getting very frustrating.

thank you for your help

we all start somewhere to learn this and I was asking similar questions not long ago. You draw designs in cad or a vector art program like inkscape, then you convert the .dwg or .svg file to gcode that the maslow can use to position the sled and z axis. Easel is one option, but there are several others to get the gcode file.
From easel you need to export the gcode. Easel won’t run your maslow directly, so don’t try to send it from there. Not having used easel, I can’t tell you exactly how to do it, but it can be done and it uses a grbl postprocessor. Once you save the gcode, you use ground control to open it and run it to make the cut.

I tried a search for “cnc workflow” (part of the process is figuring out the terminology), this video summarizes it. Winston works for Carbide3D so it used my current favorite Carbide Create. Easel and Carbide Create are the tools I recommend for beginners in another forum without a lot of complaints (everybody has their favorites, these both have usable free versions). Good luck

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I’m tapping out! I think this thing is getting put back in the box and returned! I can’t seem to figure it out. Thank you guys for your help anyway!

@Raidermike Before you tap out, take a look at this video here. it will help to explain the process of getting the image/design you want to the Gcode the machine can understand. I will tell you this is the hardest part to learn, but once you do, the machine can do wonderful things for you. This is also why most “things” that people will sell that were cut on CNC are so expensive. It is not the running of the machine, it is the design aspect and getting that right so the machine will do what you want. Don’t give up yet! We all went through the same thing you did, and we are all here to help if you run into issues.

I have used Easel (easiest to use IMO, but a little limited in options), Fusion360 (Hardest to figure out if you aren’t used to a CAD program but can get you anywhere your imagination can take you), and Estlcam (Easy to use once you understand the process and has more options, but is still a bit limited).

I haven’t figured everything out, but I have learned a bunch of stuff to understand how it all works, which ultimately helps with troubleshooting. Maslow is not a quick thing, but it will get you where you need if you take the time. I know there are other CNC machines out there that are just plug-n-play and just work out of the box, but you will pay way more for them, and I feel you don’t learn the machine as well by going that route. Just my $.02, but I would recommend to keep with it.

@Raidermike Here is another video that can help to explain a bit more as well if the other video link doesn’t work for you. He also explains the process on how to get Easel to provide the Gcode for you.

Good Luck!!