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What software do I use to draw stuff?

Hi I want to use the Maslow to engrave stuff on to some cutting boards that I’ll fill with resin and hand out as christmas gifts to the family. But I’m having a lot of difficulty just trying to use the software (Ground Control) to draw. Nothing I do seems to be working in that program. So my friend suggested for me to use Easel. How do I convert what I drew in Easel into Ground Control? Easel is so much easier to use. My Maslow is still in the box, I am trying to see if I can figure out how to use it before I set it up and take up space.

You don’t draw in groundcontrol. It is a machine control software. There are a couple guides on a couple different options in the wiki along with the maslow manual that discuss this to some degree. Click categories the wiki and scroll down to see threads on these things.


Do your drawings in Easel, select Machine / Advanced / Generate G-Code / Export G-Code and use the corresponding .nc file inside of GroundControl / WebControl / whatever. Works for me :slight_smile:



Got it. So after drawing (setting size and depth of material, depth of cut, depth per pass, etc.) in Easel, I will convert it to a .nc file that way. How did you get it to be centered in Ground Control? When I try to right-click and set as home as suggested by the individual above you (in a different post) it doesn’t work. I don’t have a window that pops up. Is this because I haven’t set up my Maslow yet? Also to convert to a .nc file, can I do that in the free version of Easel? Or do I have to pay? I tried to follow you steps and it told me to upgrade from the free version.

in webcontrol you right click. the only way I know how to do it in groundcontrol is to move the sled there and then save home position and it will redraw the gcode from that new home origin position.

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In Ground Control, position your mouse where you want your 0,0 (home) to be, make right click and hold it down till a menu shows up, then click set home

Hope it helps :slight_smile: