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can someone reach out to me please. I’m wanting to recreate this but I’m a little new to the program and I’m having some issues with cut lines


What issues are you having?

This works just as good as email. (Which you should probably remove since spambots live everywhere)

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i took the image and uploaded to easel. even with an outline cut, its still wanting to cut all of the “feature lines” on the inside of the character. is there any way to just cut the outline and then use a different cut height for the “feature lines” on this project?

Yes but I am uncertain how to do that in easel. Sorry.

I know you can do that with carbide create v6 (I don’t believe v7 produces usable gcode for the maslow so download v6)

You can import the picture either png or svg and chose which lines to cut and to what depth.

There are several videos explaining how to use carbide create on their website.

When setting up. Make sure to set up your workspace as 96x48 and chose center as your home. Import svg or png using the icons. Move to center. Ensure that all the objects are not grouped. Got to cut paths, select the lines to cut and choose contour and depth. Do the cutout last. Control z to undo if you mess something up.

I suggest watching the training videos first, it will take out a lot of the trial by error.

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i will give that a try and let you know. i appreciate the response and the help!

Carbide3D has decided that Carbide Create will no longer be free for non-C3D customers so V7 will only work if you pay the monthly nick or buy one of their routers, and they did some royal kludges to keep it from exporting gcode unless you have a C3D controller or buy Pro. V6 should work but will no longer be updated or maintained.

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