Chain got tangled now motors will not turn

while i was making a cut i had mishap with the elastic chord getting too loose and the chain on the right side got tangled and before i could hit stop the program stopped itself

now i cannot get either motor to move

is there a hard reset i can do?

This might seem silly but have you tried turning everything off and back on? When I fail to do this it is usually all I needed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Not to be the voice of doom, but you may also have stripped a gear inside the gearbox. There are others with more expertise on your issue, and I am sure if you are patient they will get back to you with troubleshooting techniques.


If you where at the Maslow and as fast as it sounds, it should not have burnt a chip on the motor driver board.
If you came back from somewhere, a destroyed motor shield could be the worst scenario.

The best case would be the Maslow has no ide where it is. A clean start like @TheMerryYeoman suggested would tell us more. Unplug, re-plug, wipe all and start fresh could help.

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