Testing motors before chains

I am setting up my first Maslow CNC, I have built my frame, have the motors mounted, my sled is ready, connected all the motors, uploaded the files and able to connect to MakerMade board.I want to test my motors before i hook up the chains, can i test my motors at this point ? I have the groundcontrol connected to the board and it shows connected. When i go in the actions section and try to test the motors, I hear beep but the motors won’t turn and ground control shows that motors fail.
I seek assistance, please help !!! I am stuck and can’t get up :frowning:

You have the power cable plugged into the Maslow Shield and not the Arduino?

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@kayaker37 is right, the power is the first place to look. Check that the blue light on the power supply is on and that the green light close to the plug on the Arduino board lights up when you plug it in

I have power to the motors, under calibration i can move them even though the motor test fails :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I am stuck with Chains, the U loop is too long and does not have enough and tension when attached to the bungee cord and S-loop hook .

Can you post a picture of your setup?

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I think until we get the tests passing you are going to have strange behavior down stream because something is definitely off. Another thing to try is to unplug and replug all the cables firmly. Sometimes they can seem plugged in and almost work, but not be fully connected

@kayaker37 is right, sometimes a picture can help a lot!