Right motor not holding position

Hey all,

Finally getting my Maslow up and running and I’ve run into a problem. I’ve run through the calibration to the point where I extend the two chains to the right length and hook up the temporary sled. I hook up the sled up and the right hand motor doesn’t hold it’s position. The motor and gearbox has some resistance but the weight of the temporary sled seems just a little too much. They are both powered up and the motor on the left is fine.

Do these motors & gearboxes still have any faults? I read some posts on issues with the cogs in the gearboxes. Is there anything else I can check?

Where do we get spare parts from now? It doesn’t look like they are on the community garden any more.



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Check with @MakerMadeCNC , @Metalmaslow, and East Bay Source. There may be others.

Check the screw on the sprocket that it sits tight on the flat side of the motor shaft. It would be the first right motor with a defect gear I read about. If it’s the gear you should hear it I guess.

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Yeah that was it checked it about an hour ago and figured it out hahaha. One of those face palm moments :slight_smile: thanks guys



It happens to all of us. Some just don’t admit it. You’er aces in my book. Keep on making saw dust & Don’t be on fire!

Thank you

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