Chain install location?

So, I’m a little confused. I’m putting my maslow together, following the MakerMade intructions. On Calibration Page 7, it shows the end of the chain going under the top cross member and attaching on the back side. But in every picture I’ve seen of Maslows. The chain is always attached on the front side. Am I missing something?


I haven’t seen that particular set of instructions. Can you post a photo of what the instructions say? Maybe we can explain it better

what is the source of that page? chain doesn’t wrap around wood the way that
diagram shows.

David Lang

From MakerMadeCNC


The instructions I wrote say to place the nail on the front of the top beam. Check out step 15 here:

Having the chain wrap under the 2x4 like that seems like it wouldn’t work to me, but maybe it does?