Sled Design and Chain Guide

I have just finished cutting my final sled. I used 17mm form ply figuring that the black face will help reduce drag.
I had a little fun cutting the Maslow logos in the the front face! I think it looks great.


I have also designed and printed some chain guides that attach to the factory motor mounts with the factory screws. They seem to work really well! UPDATE: I added these red pins to not allow the chain to come off the wheel, they just push in to the cut out for the screw and are easily removed for calibration ect.


Nicely done! If you put another pin directly on the left side of the chain where your red pin is it would also help prevent the chain from wrapping on the sprocket (a common issue). Get it as close to the motor sprocket as possible.

Hi John,
Would it be possible for a copy of your 3d model for that guide? This looks like a nice simple addition, was this PLA your printed it out of?


No worries,
Yes, I just used PLA, they seem to be holding up well.

Ive uploaded to thingiverse including the Fusion 360 file and a STEP file version.


You should go ahead and upload it to the Community Garden too; looks like a design that lots of people could benefit from.



That’s great, thank you.

I see some people are also requesting a top-feed option (rotate chain uptake 90 degrees), so if you have the file in an editable format, perhaps someone will take a stab at that next!