Worried about rust

Hey Gang, I have my frame finished and my router arrives today. I am excited to get everything up and running. My setup is in a “unweatherproof” garage. Nothing will take direct water, but moisture seeps in and the humidity is fully unregulated (southeast PA). Any suggestions for taking care of the unit and keeping things like the motors, chain, pc board dry?

I was initially worried about the same thing. For the metal parts I just use the occasional spray of silicone, and I painted most of my wooden frame, but haven’t come up with anything for the pcb. Whether or not it matters I can’t say, but so far no issues.

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I built my frame from pressure.treated lumber. This provides some protection from high humidity.

You will probably have heat issues if you try to enclose electronics in waterproof cases/bags. There are coatings for electronic but I have not tried them (warning could fry your board).

The wood should be fine for years if there is no direct liquid contact (pools of water vs air moisture).

WD40, most lubricants (Oil, Teflon) will stop the chain from rusting.

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Conformal coating is great, but make sure you mask off your connectors and anything that you want to allow a heatsink to attach to properly. It will block electrical conductivity, so if you plan on using your aux ports, you’d be best off soldering headers to those and masking them off as well before applying the conformal coating.