Chain twist...?

I noticed yesterday that my right chain twists a little near the sled (maybe 15 degrees) and then twists back about midpoint. The left chain seems straight the entire length. I’m using the linkage kit and nothing seems cockeyed at the mounting point. During early calibrations, the chain did get wrapped around the sprocket two different times (wasn’t keeping a guarded eye on it and after the second time, I learned my lesson). It doesn’t seem to affect accuracy, from what I can tell, but I will say the right chain has a greater propensity to “stick” to the sprocket and get wrapped around it during calibration than the left chain. Is this something to be concerned about.

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That twist sounds like it could add to a jumping problem.
You might want to take the chains off and lay them out on a flat surface for inspection. I did this the other night and found that one chain had stretched about 1.5mm longer than the other. I’ve had two ‘runaway’ incidents in the past that could be to blame. Add this to the list of ‘things to check’ for accuracy.