Weird shape for calibration, but seems okay?

I ran the calibration program after a chain skip. In the upper right side I am getting a 7 instead of a right angle. I deleted everything and reinstalled everything and it still happened. I ended up taking measurements anyway. Cut two 4 inch circles and they came out really good. Any ideas why I am getting 7s rather than the right angles?


Hmm, I don’t know why that would happen but it doesn’t sound like a good thing.

I would say to keep an eye on it, and as long as your parts like the circles are coming out OK just keep going.

Is your frame pretty close to the stock dimensions? That sounds to me like it could have to do with the slack side of the chain. Are you using a linkage kit and if so is it moving smoothly?

To confirm, is this before or after calibration? Before the machine is calibrated it is possible that lines could be distorted like this. But if the machine is calibrated and you’re still seeing this, then something else is wrong.


I made these today and all seems well. I do not have a linkage kit yet. The 7s were part of the calibration process. I have not tried the calibration again but will have to soon as I made an error and had chain skip AGAIN!

Anyway the parts cut correctly and fit together as they were supposed to so I guess all is well.


Nice work, thanks for sharing.
Did you see the various chain guides in the forum, to stop the chain jumps?

It’s not an alignment or chain guide problem. I got inpatient and lifted the sled off the work surface while the gears were turning.


What was the hanger used for?