Change forums link on Maslow home page

I’m guessing you’ll do this Wednesday as part of the change-over, yes?

That’s what I was thinking. The old forums won’t go away so we can still reference them, but I was planning to redirect the link on Wednesday. I’m open to suggestions tho

Perhaps making a sticky post on this form that links back to the old forum, for archiving purpose. Then you could “lock” new posts to the old forum in time.


That’s a great idea. I think that’s exactly what we should do.

If we can get some volunteers to go through the old forum and make posts
summarizing useful info from threads it would be better.

Perhapse make a category of “old forum summaries”

I’d be game to work on one, if the community thinks that’s the way to go.

Someone would need to go through and mark the info to be summarized. then list it in a new post here. So that volunteers could go through and check off as its done

Since we have the ‘My Feed’ in the old forum perhaps we all could go through the posts we answered on and create a category list first? Sorry, no better idea.

I would suggest that we have a sticky post for volunteers for this, and that they be given rights to update the old forum (with nobody else having that ability so that the forum doesn’t get accidently used), and that they add a final post to any topic saying that it’s been migrated (with a link to the new topic)

They can also post that they don’t think the topic needs to be migrated

That way we don’t need to go through the topics twice (once to decide they need to be migrated, and a second time to migrate them)

That sounds like a good plan. We also have the option of leaving the old forums in place, but just changing the address. We paid for the old system through January so there’s no big rush to get everything out as quickly as possible.

We also have the option of leaving the old forums in place, but just changing the address.

There is a big problem with allowing new posts to show up there. If there are
people monitoring it to nag people to not post there, but to instead post on the
new forum, that would help.

It’s like the problem of people posting on the kickstarter posts where very few
people see them. It makes the project look unresponsive

If there can be a big “this is depriciated, don’t post here” tag when people are
typing a post, that would help.

I would suggest that any old forum summaries here be labelled with a clear standard header (and a link back to the original? The originals would go away in January, right?) Should there be a single category or topic in this forum devoted to old forum summaries?

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I would make new categories for the old data, not mix it in the current

New categories would mean yet another place to search - wiki, new forum cat and old. Why separate it from the new?