Changing the arm length and height

Hello Guys,

i have a few questions about building the frame, the arms that come out for the motors/ chains:

  1. does further or closer the arms does it effect accuracy?

  2. can the arms go anywhere? as currently i am build CNC against a wall that isnt as wide as the original design of around 3281mm (not sure what that is in INCH).

the wall i want to build it againt is taller tho- so was wondering if i can postition the motors/ arms anywhere as long as they are symmetrical? so maybe 3000mm apart but 300-500mm higher…

does this effect the accuracy or any aspect the maslow build?

thank you !

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Checkout this thread -

Thank you

I have 2761mm (~108in) between centers for my motors. It certainly complicates things, but the machine still works. At worst, you’re just going to be sacrificing some bed area if you go smaller. You might be able to mitigate some of the accuracy losses, but you will probably still be smaller than the stock frame. I’ve even managed decent accuracy across the bottom half of the 8’ bed with the 45 degree linkage kit. Accuracy on the top half of the bed is a different story though. There is a lot of tension on the whole system when it gets close to top center of the bed, and that translates into cuts being out of tolerance (in this case, at least ±.5mm from the desired dimension).

The main issue with a shorter top beam is that the chain angles will get much more extreme at the far left and right sides of the bed. Making your top beam higher actually makes the angle even worse.