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Cheap fixes for z-axis slop on the Ridgid R22002


You make a very good point. I did a lot of studying before I implimented my fix. I use three mini bungees hooked on the supports for the ring system. They are not at their max tension and I release the tension when not in use.


That’s genius. Would you mind sharing the file for that please?


Here is a link to the post with the URL to download the cut file for the router hat.


I have had mine set up like this for a while, and recently the gorilla glue didn’t hold it any more and it was just sitting behind my z-axis clip spinning. I took everything apart again and glued it back up just to have it break again. any suggestions to keep it from breaking off of the z-axis clip?
I got it back up and running after drying overnight and i just noticed again that it is loose. it is following the z-axis clip but not keeping it at a 90 degree anymore.


“This” meaning with the bushing gorilla glued?


My advice, scuff both surfaces, clean with acetone and glue with JB weld. I tried several glues but JB has not failed me. You may already know this but watch out for the default travel height in makercam, it will jam the bushing into the top carrier of the z axis screw. The default is .5 inches, I set it to .2 inches.


Had the glue bond break 3 times and finally secured it with spare screws from the build kit. The first time I glued it held the longest but when it broke free it took off the paint finish. I re-glued scuffing the surfaces but this seemed to make things worse as the bind to metal was weaker and broke on first use. Originally using Permatex Steel Weld epoxy and switched to JB weld on 3rd try which did hold better but only lasted 3 uses.

Drilling was not easy as the holes on the bushing barely have enough material to drill into and can easily slip of the side. Pretty much need a drill press to do it. Also had to grind away some material for the screw heads to fit. There is good thickness in the height adjustment clip to tap the screws if you position them roughly at the 4 circular depressions.


Yes, “This” meaning the bushing with gorilla glue, a light bungee, and a washer.


Thank you, I will try this. And I did have a close call with my router high going too high, but I do have it set to only about .2 inches. I forgot to rest my z-height resulting in the close call. I was able to stop it before it hit the top carrier.


If the JB weld does not work, I will end up using this tactic. Did you thread the screws into the z-axis clip? Or just drill a hole slightly smaller so that it threaded itself? This option seems to be a fail safe to all the other options as screws are much less likely to break!
Thanks again for your input!