Check the four belt drives of Maslow4 before final assembly?

I got 3/4 belt motors working the first try and both Z axes but I’m going to need to disassemble in order to address one belt. Incidentally it has a yellow light on it’s encoder ethernet port (none of my other belt drives have one). I don’t know exactly what that means. Hopefully it’s just a jam up, and I don’t need a new encoder on that drive.

I’m pretty sure it would be an easier setup to wire up and retract the belt drives to make sure they work before final assembly.

If anyone already has opinons about the fastest way to get belt drives off the machine, I’d love to hear them. :slight_smile:

Just updating the max current setting to 1800 got all four to retract… On to calibration. I still think it would be a better idea to test the belts and electronics before final assembly.


I also agree with this. Each arm could be tested prior to final assembly which would save people alot of grief.