Random Circles in my cut

I’m cutting some dog paw prints in the face of a desk panel and I’m getting random circles cut in my project. Imported a dxf into CamBam and set up a simple pocket cut with a 1/4” end mill. Exported multiple gcode files so I can cut these one at a time. Run the gcode in ncviewer to ensure that things look good, the load it into Ground Control and cut. The first set cut just fine. Loaded the second file (“open file”) and run it. Suddenly I’m getting random circles cut in my project. What I didn’t do was “clear Gcode” first. Is this potentially my problem? Just trashed a nice piece of poplar and afraid to move forward until I know what’s happening. Thoughts?

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what is happening is that you have very tiny arcs in your cuts, and the lack of
precision in the arduino is making it so the start and end points of your arcs
are the same location, which means that it cuts a circle.

remove these tiny arcs and all should be good.

David Lang

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Yep. When I go back to the dxf and zoom in, there they are. A bunch of squiggly lines and tiny arcs. My bad for just doing a jpg to dxf conversion and not scrubbing it.