Random circles covering my model, help!

Im new to the cnc field and ive been habing this problem when I load g-code generated from fusion 360 in ground control. When i load my model into ground control, a bunch of circles cover up the model, it doesnt show it that way in fusion 360 cam, I have no idea what is causing it, ive tried been trying to find a solution online but have came up empty handed. Help!

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GroundControl puts red and green circles on the screen each place that the z-axis moves down (red) or up (green) - are those what you’re seeing?

That looks to me like an issue with the post processor used to export the gcode not making gcode that Ground Control is happy with. There is a Maslow specific post processor for Fusion 360 which I would recommend trying

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Link for the post processor?

After searching around on here I’ve found a couple of people with the same problem.

I don’t use Fusion, but I think this link might be a place to look.

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That fixed it! Thank you for all yall’s help!


how do you use the maslow post processor?

There is a link in wiki on how to add the post processor to Fusion360, and some other useful add-ins, dog-bone generator and a Nester script.


Jamtek your my effin hero, thank you!