CNC Cut sideboard?

Have you ever seen plans for a CNC cut sideboard? They aren’t overly complex and seem like a logical project but I can’t seem to find files online. Suggestions on where to look would be helpful.


I started to design a little one at one point, but I got side tracked. I agree it would be cool. I’m moving at the end of the month and I’m gearing up to do all my furnature :grin:


I can’t wait to see what projects the move will inspire!
Remember, pics or it didn’t happen. Ha ha.

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If I had the know how I would be reverse engineering this (disclaimer: not exactly duplicating it, just using it as inspiration):

The design is simple enough, but there are some details I don’t know how to create (yet) in a cad software. But isn’t that beautiful?!?! The solid walnut helps, but even in Baltic birch plywood it would be amazing.

Have a look at these:

While not ‘elegant’, the plans will show you how they were designed and constructed.

I looked in my old design file to see if I had anything, but I don’t, sorry. I will consider a sideboard for my next design challenge, though.


@Zootalaws I had seen those storage lockers before on OpenDesk and although I like them I don’t think it’s something my wife would let me put into the living room… so I kind of ignored them. But to use the design as inspiration, or a pattern for creating a legit sideboard - brilliant! I wish I had thought of that.

Thanks for the feedback and idea.

of course now I can’t download the DIY maker files. Looks like that has been disabled on their website… hummm…

No, you just need to ‘sign up’ in opendesk’s licensing model.

I would offer to send them, but that’s bypassing the spirit of open source licensing.

Actually, I’d argue that the ability to ‘just send them’ is exactly the spirit
of Open Source Licensing.

making it so that you can onlyu get them from the ‘proper’ source, and behind
some sort of unclear login is bypassing the spirit of Open Source.

David Lang


You missed the ‘licensing’ part. There’s many flavours of ‘Open Source’. They have chosen that model.

I’m not going to second-guess their reasons.

You missed the ‘licensing’ part. There’s many flavours of ‘Open Source’. They have chosen that model.

Then they should not have selected the CC-NC-BY license, as that explicitly
gives permission for people to pass the files around.

I’m not going to second-guess their reasons.

I don’t care about their reasons, I care that they claim on one hand to want a
particular license, and on the other try to restrict people beyond that license.

As far as I’m concerned, the legal text of the licesne they select trumps other

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I happened across this a few minutes ago. With a bit of design time I think the concept/plans could be converted to a CNC ready design. Nice that these plans are free, so it’s ok to use them for inspiration, I’m sure.