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CNC sleeping pods for homeless


Check out this DeZeen article about CNC cut sleeping pods for the homeless. Looks like it’s perfect for the Maslow!


Here is more information and photos of the sleeping pods:


…and more about the designers at Reed Watts Architects:


I can’t thank you enough for the post.

It brings back some of the original spirit that I felt when I joined 2016.

@bar has made pods for exactly this purpose.

My drive was a dream, that in case of a earthquake, a tsunami or what, Maslowians from around the world would board planes to ease the trauma of the kids building shelter, chairs, tables and schools.


What happened to the Maslow pod? Did anyone actually live in it? Is it still being used?


I was inspired by the same thoughts - and so I turned the plypad into my Senior Project for high school!

I am a high school senior in the SF Bay area (just south of San Jose). Each year, seniors are required to complete a project with the goal of bringing about “good” in their neighborhoods and the world. I am hoping to become an architect and Bar’s PlyPad was the whole reason I became a Maslow CNC devotee.

I am taking on the build of a full scale modified version of the PlyPad for my very first build! It has been an interesting start, but I was able to locate a place to build (a hoop barn a short drive away) and we have created a wood working shop there to support the process.

My goal is to create modified versions of the original design that can be shipped and stored flat and then assembled with simple tools and skills to allow a family of four to have shelter when no other exists. I had the opportunity to drive up to Portland and spend several hours with the team that built the Kenton Women’s Village (where the original PlyPad was deployed) and have brought on mentors from local government and around affordable housing design.

I would be more than open to any feedback this community might have around the project, improvements to the design and build or general insights on construction materials and CNC wisdom.

I am including a link to the project overview here.

Hoping to connect with the community,





It is still being used as a part of the Kenton Women’s Village. Part of the agreement when we donated it was that once it was donated it was someone else’s home and we weren’t allowed to bother them (which seems fair, but I wish I could check up on it more easily). My understanding is that the village is mostly used to provide transitional housing for women experiencing homelessness as a result of domestic violence so several people have lived there while waiting to be placed in more permanent housing.

In building the PlyPAD I felt like the existing CAD program were one of the big limitations on the design process which is why I am working to build Maslow Create which is basically just a CAD program designed to build affordable housing (and other stuff I guess :roll_eyes:) so expect more of this kind of thing in the future.

Shelter 2.0 is another very cool project in this space that might be worth checking out. @SnapShelter depending on the climate where you are building Shelter 2.0 might be an easier option. PlyPAD had some pretty strict design requirements from the City of Portland which drove the design decisions.


@bar I know your last blog about the PlyPad build said there were several things you would have done differently (roofing, etc). Was there more detail on joining the sections together? I am trying to figure out how to use the bolt system you described and how to incorporate it into the design and the gcode so that I do not have to use 2x4s if possible. Can you help with that?