Collet and 1/8 router bits

can you guy please post pics of the 1/8 in router bits you are using and i have the ridgid R2002 router and need to know where to and what kind of 1/8 collet to get.
Thanks for help

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I went through three different collet adapters that said they were for 1/2 to 1/8 but none of them even tightened the bit. I think I ended up manually modifying the adapter so it could tighten more. I’d recommend an 1/8 bit with a 1/4 shank if possible. I don’t remember where I got the one that ended up working - sorry, that’s probably not much help.

this is the one that I purchased:

the regular 1/2" collet on the Rigid seems to tighten it up just fine.

Also, make sure that you don’t have 6mm or 3mm shanks. They are really close to 1/4" and 1/8" shanks, but are simply too small to work in a collet meant for imperial sizes.


That’s strange, I just looked up my order history and that is exactly one that I returned. You must have had better luck than I did.

perhaps their quality control is not great. I did have to reef on it some, but I do that with all my bits just to be sure they are tight, so it’s not something I would have noticed without purposely thinking about it.

I have the R2002 as well and my 1/8 inch bit is a step down from the quarter inch shank that fits in the converter that came with it. Believe it or not I think that my 1/8 in end mill (as I call it) is actually just a straight cut bit. I figured it would work since I was just going to be cutting vinyl records but it works great on MDF as well! The only problem I have with it is the step down at about a half an inch up. It prevents me, of course, from cutting all the way through three-quarter inch material.

I only did some test cuts, but everything seems to be working out of the box.
These bits (22mm cutting depth) should be just so long enough to make it through a 3/4" (19mm).

Call me crazy, but I have been using these with my Rigid:

I popped the spring washer off the outside of the nut to get the 1/2" collet out of the tool holder, then popped one of these in with the tool and tightened it down.

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If you’re going to use the smaller bits a lot, you might consider a 1/2 inch to ER16 adaptor, the ER16 spring collets are really nice, and provide much better clamping force than the solid 1/2 inch to 1/8 inch adaptors.
I’ve found one here, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet:
(It doesn’t come with the collets, but you can get a complete set on amazon for around $15-20)

It’s probably best to use the actual adaptor I linked in my post above, the router’s collet adaptor is designed for straight collets, not tapered ones :slight_smile:

The threaded collet holder of the actual machine is tapered on the inside. Not quite the same taper as the ER-16, but it works pretty good so far. When you take the 1/2" collet out of the nut via removing the spring clip on the work side of the nut, it tightens down nice at tight on the ER-16 collet. I doubt cutting a little wood is gonna cause enough stress to make much difference. I have about 12 hours of cutting on it so far doing pocket, contour, 3d profile, and drill cuts with an 1/8" 4 flute tool.

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I just got these today, unproved and untested… But at $0.49 each delivered from china, I was willing to try them out. 2 flute 1/8" end mills appear to be HSS (maybe just chinesium). I can see some slight variations in OAL - measuring a few I get 38.5mm - 40mm


nice you get them from Amazon

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Where did you get them those bits? I found some on AliExpress or perhaps I saw a ad afterwards on Instagram & Finance Police. They were of similar price but the shipping charges were 14$.

I got them on aliexpress during the new years sales event (read: bonus discount).

I am going to attempt to share the link into this post from the app:

US $4.91 41%OFF | 10pcs Two Flute Carbide End Mill Dia 3.175mm Solid Spiral Woodwork CNC Router Bits For Milling Cutter

The picture on this link looks poor (rust?), but what I got was higher quality (shiny and new). (price varies every time I click the above link on a different device so YMMV)

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I made a video on the collets I have:

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thx im ordering them now

Cool idea! I got the ER16 and I’d love to do the same, but I’m afraid to break the spring clip. What’s the trick to get it out?

Lol. Almost the same time a comment with the same question came on the video.

Here is my reply:
I used a sharp pocket knife and slowly worked it at the top end of the spring. The spring clip is a flat coil of spring steel about 3 turns or so. if you can get the first layer up out of the groove, then just work the knife or small flat head screw driver around the coil and it should come right off.

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