Is this the correct collet for a 1/8 bit

Can I use this in the 22002 to reduce the collect to accept an 1/8in bit?

Amana Tool - RB-115 High Precision Steel Router Collet Reducer 1/2 Overall Dia x 1/8 Inne

Thanks. Not sure if I can post links on here so sorry if I cant.

That one you have will work. I uses these, but they require it to be really tight to hold.


You can use it. For the Maslow it should be OK. Just keep collet and reducer clean.

FYI, on professional high-end cnc, the use of reducers it debated. Some see a potential risk of damage due to unbalance, others use them. Due to the low feed-rates and rather low RPM with the Maslow, I don’t see much risk. If there is an unbalance, the cut thickness will be slightly larger, or the bit will break.
Kind regards, Gero

Yes you can (as long as your current collet is 1/2" inner diameter)

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3 slots is better then 2 :+1:

I use a 1/2" shaft with a 1/4" collet with the 1/4" adapter to 1/8" with a 2 flute upcut. If collet is not tight enough, the bit will slide and then it snaps and that isn’t any fun. Only broke 1 of the 10 bits I have and several have been used up, so it is working.

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Awesome. Thanks for all the advise guys.