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Community Contributor of the Week

Congrats to @krkeegan as this week’s recipient of the Community Contributor badge! Kevin’s work on PID tuning and other software contributions make him a Maslow superstar and a fine example of the awesome spirit we experience here daily!

On behalf of @bar, @hannah and myself, THANK YOU!!!


Congrats @krkeegan !

can be seen as a global Community THANK YOU!!!


SERIOUSLY deserved. I also want to add that in addition to making phenomenal, well thought out, and beautifully coded contributions of his own, @krkeegan has also been doing an amazing job of keeping an eye on the quality of code the rest of us have been writing and providing kind and insightful feedback on pull requests.

Thank you and congratulations @krkeegan!!!


Well thank you everyone! I feel particularly bad since I haven’t contributed a whole lot recently. But there is some hope I will have some time again soon.