Happy New Year, all!

Hi, all.

It’s an hour and some change from midnight here in the midwest and while it’s already 2018 for some of you, I’ll personally be snoozing through the blessed event.

I wanted to take a moment and gush all over this thread about our fantastic community. Both Bar and I have done that repeatedly but it bears repeating: you all rock! I’ve administered many forums, from the early MegaSquirt project to a few Powder Coating boards and even a motorcycle enthusiast message board for a short time (rough crowd) :wink: Not one of them approached the productivity, positivity or helpful vibe we have going here.

Something I truly believe but is not really discussed as much as it could be (at least not here in the states) is that success that goes unshared, that is, success kept to ones self, isn’t really success at all. Our collective successes and the sharing of those successes through their inclusion in the software, firmware, knowledge base and here on these forums is what makes this place special and the Maslow CNC itself a success.

Well done, all.

I wish you all a happy new year and hope you are all blessed with good health, happy families and productive shop time… let’s make amazing things in 2018!



Well said. I agree this is a special group where people are outstanding to each other. It is why I contribute as much time as I can afford to this project.

I want to wish our entire community a Happy New Year!

Thank you


Wishing everyone all the chips n the world for 2018.


I cant tell you all how lucky I feel to get to hang out with (albeit virtually) and work on my passion project with with such smart, creative, kind, and open minded folks. I’m not totally sure how it happened, but consider myself lucky every day. To the best year yet!