Community Garden add on requests

Thread to collaborate on ideas for changes. First idea I had was to add on to the garden a place under each project for extra pictures. Other people can upload their own photos of the project. This would allow the creators to see their ideas created in other parts of the world.


There is! Every project is collaborative so that anyone can add more pictures, edit the text, add to the bill of materials…etc. The difference is that the person who created the project can add or change anything immediately, while anyone else will need to “propose the change”. It’s a little confusing at first, but once you’ve done it once it is easy. There are instructions here:

Feel free to give it a test go on any of the projects I’ve posted…I would love to see it in action :grinning:

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I would argue that pictures just to show off others’ builds of the project might be better posted on the forum topic associated with the CG project. That is, unless the picture shows a variant of the project that would enhance the project itself.